Your Best Kept Service Secret: Elevated Hospitality That is Easy and DOESN’T Cost a Fortune

Your Best Kept Service Secret: Elevated Hospitality That is Easy and DOESN’T Cost a Fortune

July 25, 2022

Every day in your hotel there are up to 25,000 moments of need. Moments where your guests are searching frantically for the charger they were sure they packed. Or, the weather didn’t quite cooperate, and they’re stuck without a raincoat. But there are also moments to anticipate the guest’s needs, where you can help them be better prepared or offer something special that makes their stay truly memorable. 

Good news! Your staff is likely already prepared to improve the guest experience. They’ve got hotel gift shop supplies and an arsenal of travel-size toiletries, snacks, and more to make each guest’s stay a little easier. Each of these moments of need represents an opportunity for your staff to turn your guests’ stay from ordinary to extraordinary and turn a simple offering into more money for your bottom line.

You’re prepared for guest arrivals like a well-oiled machine, but how do you set your stellar hospitality apart from other properties? There are simple but impactful steps you can take to appease today’s traveler who demands and expects a high level of personalization. From the booking process to tailored messaging, guests want an experience that’s unique to them. Personalized touches, from welcome baskets to curated service savers, give you a cost-effective leg up.

Put yourself in a business traveler’s shoes – it’s Monday, you felt subpar when you woke up this morning, and now, upon arrival, find yourself at your hotel with a full-fledged cold. It happens to the best of us, sometimes travel is unavoidable no matter how bad you feel. The staff notices you’re under the weather upon check-in and hands you a Get Well Kit with cold medicine, vitamin C, and cough drops.  How does this make you feel? Cared for. Like you’ve got your own personal team of wellness advisors invested in your health and wellbeing—and, it gets you back to feeling yourself for your trip. Instead of offering you an extra box of tissue for the bathroom or pointing you towards the gift shop to purchase items, they’ve extended a special kind of hospitality that shows they really care about their guests. 

Like personalized welcome baskets, there are even ways to stretch the ROI on items you already stock for sale. Amenities like razors, toothpaste, and deodorant are inexpensive items to offer when someone is in a pinch. If guests approach your staff looking for those specialty items that they forgot to pack, they will feel appreciated when your team offers the item to them free of charge. When they see those same items for sale in the gift shop, they’ll know that your staff isn’t interested in nickel-and-diming them, but rather providing exceptional service to give them peace of mind during their stay.

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In addition to small amenity requests, guests might be coming to your staff to report an issue they’ve had while at your property. It could be anything from a bad experience with their bartender, a less-than-stellar meal in the hotel restaurant, or accommodations that weren’t up to their standards. In this case, your staff has a myriad of options to provide as service savers and put their best foot forward. A typical response from your front desk staff or concierge may be a free cocktail voucher for the bar or loyalty points added to their account, but there are even better options that make the guest feel cared for. With a lower cost to the hotel, travel products can act as the perfect hospitality touch. A courteous smile, a listening ear, and an offer to help make this right, your staff can find out exactly what the guest might like as a small token of your appreciation for their patronage. Will their favorite candy bar or playing cards help you turn their sour experience into one of a thoughtful and personal gesture? Are they upset that their room isn’t quite ready yet, and the front desk agent notices a crying child in tow? A package of healthy snacks and coloring books to help bide the time can go a long way. Ensuring your staff is prepared for any unexpected interactions combined with an excellent inventory of varied items will take you far and cost you significantly less than the usual cocktail or rewards points. And with such thoughtful actions from your staff via anticipating guest needs, that few dollar investment on bulk items will turn into five-star reviews, word-of-mouth business, and repeat business.

From: Five Key to Elevating Guest Experiences - Deloitte

A tried-and-true customer service tactic is to understand that everyone is different and knowing how to address their verbal and non-verbal desires. Empower your staff to be the hero by supplying them with a complete toolbox of solutions. If you consider the return on guest satisfaction, utilizing wholesale travel products and specialty items keeps the recovery cost low. Wellness supplies, snacks, and toiletries are just the beginning of what your property can keep on hand for pennies on the dollar to add an extra little something to every guests’ stay and create memorable interactions with your team. When your guest feels understood, listened to, and appreciated, they’re sure to book with you again and again. See below for how to implement simple, cost-effective options for your property.

Do you have questions?  We have answers.

Providing best-in-class hospitality doesn’t have to be difficult and is now expected beyond 4 and 5-star hotels.  We’ve answered your questions and provided easy steps to get started.

What should I have on hand?

You know your clientele best.  What types of questions do they ask regularly?  Below you will find pre-assembled kits that address the most common needs and service saver solutions.

  • Get Well Kit 
  • Women’s Wellness Kit 
  • Kid’s Sun & Fun Kit (pool toy, sunblock)
  • Kid’s Entertainment Pack (snacks, coloring book)
  • Mani & Pedi Kit (Burt’s Bees Tips & Toes)
  • Women’s Luxury Toiletries Kit
  • Men’s Luxury Toiletries Kit
  • Workout Kit

How many should I order?

Order quantities are dependent upon the size of your property. For the average 150 room hotel, we recommend starting with 10 of each item that suits your property.  

How much will I have to spend?

Our kits average out to about $3-6 each. With a modest budget of $300 for a 150-room hotel, you can get started today with 7 different kit types (ordering 10 of each kit).  Did we mention that qualified new customers can receive $200 in free products?  Tap here to find out if you qualify.

How long will it take to get my products?

Once your order is placed, your items should arrive within a week.

How do I get started?

  1. Tap here to sign up for $200 in free products
  2. Once qualified, choose items for your property.  You can select individual items or pre-assembled kits.
  3. Adjust the quantity for your property size
  4. Submit order

It’s that simple!  

Elevate your hospitality and provide an exceptional guest experience by empowering your staff to make someone’s day with a simple gesture.  They’ll be grateful and remember you for it.