Brothers Electric Creates Comfort for Ronald McDonald House Families

Brothers Electric Creates Comfort for Ronald McDonald House Families

May 23, 2023

Companies realize the importance of giving back to their local communities. Not only does it help establish a positive culture for the company, but it also promotes goodwill and strengthens ties with the community. For Brothers Electric, the opportunity to give back to others in need came in the form of travel-sized essentials. Here’s their story on how they supported families at Ronald McDonald House.

Brothers Electric Leads By Example at RMH

Brothers Electric recently spent the day building care packages for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. RMH is well-known in the community for its support of families with children receiving care at the children’s hospital. When families receive news that their child has a health problem and needs immediate medical care (often in a facility that isn’t close to home), RMH provides food, housing, and other essentials for the family, free of charge.

“The families who stay at the house never see a bill,” shares Chris Boyle, Human Resources Manager. “Our employees love our RMH fundraisers and are eager to give without hesitation. Knowing that we could partner with them to help and make things happen is what made us choose them.” 

RMH team group photo

About the Event: Creating One Less Thing for Families to Worry About

Knowing that small acts of kindness make a difference, the company aimed to provide support for often-overlooked individuals – families whose children need immediate and extensive medical attention.

“Life has so many twists and turns, and when hit with the unexpected, we can be completely unprepared for what lies ahead,” says Boyle. “These families often go right to RMH with only what they have with them at the time. We wanted to help lighten the load and give them some time to regroup, so we created care packages for families to receive upon arrival.”

The packages contain everything the family might need to get through the next week or two – toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, shaving, cream, deodorant, Advil, antacids, shampoo and conditioner, and other staples. 

Travel sized Products on table

The team also donated coats, hats, gloves, pajamas, and slippers, along with toys, food and snacks, cleaning products, and anything else that might be needed. 

“Our incredibly generous and kind employees donate money from their paycheck twice a year.  Brother’s matches our employee’s donations. It’s amazing.”

Making a Difference, No Matter How Small

Brothers Electric believes they have a duty to do something for the surrounding community. It’s icing on the cake when they can see the impact they’re making through RMH.

“We have a great relationship with the RMH. We’ve had families come to our office and tell their stories so everyone understands how much their donation means to them. The co-founder, Jimmy Murray, comes out once a year and gives us a big thank you. It’s all very heart-filling.”

Weiner's LTD would like to express our gratitude to the Brothers Electric and Ronald McDonald House for their charitable work, and for allowing us to be a tiny part of it. Witnessing how simple personal care items, medicines, food, and travel accessories can provide such a powerful message of care and support during moments of need is truly inspiring. We commend the Brothers Electric and Ronald McDonald House for being a beacon of hope and comfort for families facing challenging journeys. If this story has inspired you and you believe that we can make a difference together, please do not hesitate to contact us.