Elevating Hospitality

There are 25,000 moments of need that happen in your hotel every year and even more adventures start from your facility. Let us help prepare your staff to turn those opportunities into 5 star reviews and elevate hospitality.

Meet Sylvia

Sylvia is immunocompromised.  Traveling is frightening for Sylvia in today’s climate.  Sylvia asks a question about cleaning protocol at check-in. You answer her questions and provide a complimentary, unsolicited kit of COVID safety products.  Sylvia leaves you a 5-star review for showing such care and compassion.

Meet Gloria

Gloria forgot her cell phone charger. You went through the hundreds of forgotten charges but no iPhone chargers. Fortunately, you carry a variety of chargers in the gift shop and were able to keep her connected.

Meet Dmitri

Dmitri is having trouble sleeping because Gus in the room next door snores like a freight train.  Dmitri calls you to complain.  You take ear plugs to Dmitri’s room.  Dmitri appreciates you going the extra mile so he can get a good night’s sleep.

Meet Julio

Julio is part of the work crew that has been staying with you for a few weeks.  Julio hobbles through the door at the end of the day.  You notice that Julio isn’t moving easily.  You offer Julio some ibuprofen and an ice pack.  Julio tells the crew and now everyone wants to stay at your property.

Meet Clark

Clark loves to go on adventures.  He is excited about taking the family on a hike today.  Clark’s kids, Audrey and Russ, are not so excited.  It starts raining.  The kids think they are spared the hike.  You surprise Clark with complementary umbrellas.  Clark loves you, the kids, not so much.

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