The Power of Small Gestures

The Power of Small Gestures

June 19, 2024

As we mark four years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is traveling again. Along with more people taking trains, planes, and automobiles for business and leisure, demand for an enhanced customer experience is higher than ever—from the moment someone picks up their phone to book a trip to when they walk into the hotel lobby.

Exceeding guest expectations has always been a daunting task. Post-pandemic guest well-being added a new layer and an opportunity to provide elevated hospitality through the power of personalized care. Here’s a great example: big hospitality can come in tiny packages.

A Touch of Thoughtfulness Goes a Long Way

Bill has been a loyal guest at an area hotel for years thanks to his frequent work travels and staff has come to know him well.

During Bill's most recent visit, staff noticed a slight change in his demeanor. He seemed less energetic than usual, and a faint cough punctuated his usual cheerful greetings. While the team wouldn't pry into his health, a seed of concern was planted.

Driven by the desire to provide genuine care for guests, the front desk team decided to make a small but meaningful gesture. Bill was staying two nights and went to the hotel restaurant for a quick bite to eat before trying to get a good night’s sleep ahead of his big sales meeting in the morning.

While Bill was in the restaurant, the front desk team grabbed a "Get Well Soon" kit and placed it in his room. This thoughtful package included cough drops, cold relief, vitamin c, and an extra bottle of water—essentials to help him feel better during his stay. Along with a handwritten note offering the team’s get-well wishes, they also included a sweet treat of dark chocolate-covered almonds (a great source of antioxidants and well, it’s chocolate—enough said).

Upon entering his room, Bill was surprised to find the unexpected gift. A smile spread across his face. The next morning, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the staff as he left the hotel to head to his meeting. This simple gesture not only provided him with some much-needed relief but also demonstrated the hotel staff’s commitment to his well-being.

Building Loyalty Through Care

Bill's positive reaction to the "Get Well Soon" kit solidified the hotel team’s belief in the importance of personalized attention. This small act of kindness not only helped Bill to feel better but also gave him the feeling that he was staying at a friend’s house where people genuinely cared about his well-being.

Bill’s story serves as a reminder that true hospitality (especially in a competitive industry) goes beyond providing basic amenities and a comfortable bed. It's about fostering genuine connections and creating a sense of belonging.

We hope this story inspires you to create a hotel experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where guests feel not just accommodated but genuinely cared for.