How Your Hotel Can Keep Guests Well Connected During Their Stay

How Your Hotel Can Keep Guests Well Connected During Their Stay

September 17, 2019

As the world moves toward an expectation of being connected around the clock, reliable power charging facilities have become a requirement at hotels. Recent surveys indicate that two-thirds of all guests consider charging their devices when staying overnight at a hotel to be of primary concern. As you consider how to keep your guests plugged in, here are some of the features that can improve your guests’ experience while they stay with you.

High Performing Wi-Fi

Having access to wi-fi throughout your property is one of the basic expectations of guests at any hotel these days. Even if they visit a restaurant for dinner or a cafe for coffee, people always want to be well connected to the internet. Simply providing wi-fi at your hotel doesn’t make it an immaculate experience for your guests. There are some common mistakes that hotels make when it comes to providing wi-fi, like not having enough bandwidth, irregular technological upgrades, and using cheap routers. So do review your wi-fi systems in place and help create a better customer experience.

Wireless Charging

One of the up and coming expectations of guests is the availability of wireless charging hotspots. Consumers are rapidly switching to cordless power charging options. Having wireless charging at your hotel helps you cut down on expensive rebated wired sockets. The wireless charging market is predicted to be worth over $37 billion by 2022, and it’s a good time for you to invest and have a first-mover advantage over your competitors.

Wireless Charging
phone charging on wireless charger device

Increase the Number of Outlets in the Room

One of the first things guests do when they enter a room is to look for a charging port. As you choose the charging stations to include in your rooms, it’s important to select the outlets best suited for the most common electronic devices currently available on the market. For example, the demand for three-pronged outlets is decreasing while that of USB ports has increased. Additionally, consider providing universal phone charging ‘squid’ connectors so overseas guests don’t have to scramble to find their adapters before their devices hit 0%. Additionally, adding charging points close to bedside tables, desks, bathrooms, and couches makes it easier for guests to relax and charge their devices while browsing them.

Provide Outlets in Common Areas and Restaurants

Business and solo travelers often like to both use and charge their mobile phones while in the lobby bar or restaurant, so understandably, it would be good to let guests have charging points at every table. Senior vice president of operations for new openings in the Americas at Hilton Randy Gaines says more solo travelers prefer to work in a public place rather than their room, so common areas like lobbies need to be wired up as well. More and more modern furniture is being made with connectivity outlets, so charging points can be built right into the arms of sofas for easy access when lounging in the hotel lobby. Conference rooms should also be retrofitted with power, USB and HDMI connections.

Provide Outdoor Outlets

Half the guests surveyed by Legrand expressed a preference for working outdoors while they are at hotels, but one of the main challenges to that is connectivity. Views of the swimming pool, gardens and other natural environments are soothing, and many like to lounge outdoors while staying connected to their laptops and mobile phones. Modern electrical fittings come in attractive designs that blend in well with their surroundings, so you don’t have to worry about the outlets being out of sync with your hotel’s design or landscaping.

Provide Loaner Charging Cables

Providing enough outlets in convenient spots is helpful but what if the guest leaves their charger cables behind? Mobile kiosks address this need by allowing guests to borrow chargers by the day. Suppose you are traveling overseas for a brief period. If a hotel was able to temporarily provide you with a charger to use, this would eliminate your need to purchase a charger that will be of no use to you in your native country.

Once you build enough charging points and stations in and around your hotel, the next step is to maintain them. Faulty wiring or failed charging is a source of frustration for guests and should be avoided as much as possible. To stay ahead of the competition, future-proof your hotel by staying informed of recent and upcoming trends. Additionally, consider how many years your electrical planning and retrofitting will last, as newer trends like wireless charging emerge. By offering up-to-date solutions that meet guests’ needs, you will build a positive brand identity and inspire guests to come back for great hotel experiences.

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