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Home Wholesale Sanitizers & Disinfectants

The coronavirus is now beginning to spread throughout the US and with it, the demand for certain products such as hand sanitizers and disinfectants.  We have been making every attempt possible to keep up with the skyrocketing requests for these products. 

Unfortunately, all of the major manufacturers of sanitizers and disinfectants are having difficulty keeping up production levels with the increased demand, and are now rationing allocations to suppliers like Weiner’s. 

As much as we would like to help each and all of our customers be well equipped and prepared receiving all the quantities they desire to purchase, there is currently an extreme scarcity of surface and hand sanitizers in the market.  

Because of this, we have decided to limit orders of all hand and surface to a finite number per account As an example, today we are allocating 24 pieces of item 29232  Coretex Hand Sanitizer Gel & Waterless Cleaner, Flip-Top Bottle - 1 oz. per customer  until supplies last. Please check product pages on our website for availability and allocation quantities. Until supply lines arrive to normal levels, we will not be keeping open backorders.