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It's personal care.  We all need it and when you forgot it or your bag was lost.......it is a moment of need.......an opportunity to elevate hospitality.

Use below to find what you need

FUNCTION Filter:  For categories with many items, like personal care, you can sort by need.

MERCHANDIZING filter:  Select if you have a preference for how you like to sell items

Shelvable - Items that display and sell well as units from a retail shelf.  These are typically the highest value items that offer the most product for the lowest cost.

Pegable/Hangable - For merchandizing units where items hang from a peg.  

Displays - Bulk containers that dispense individual items.  These tend to have the lost individual unit costs and limit reordering because of the higher quantity small individual size.

SELECTION filer - Select what level of selection you want to offer

Tier 1 - These are the essentials and most popular items.  Stock these and you will meet 80+% of the guests needs.

Tier 2 - Adding tier 2 items will get you to 95%+ of guest needs and add selection like gender specific items.

Tier 3 - Variety is the spice of life so Tier 3 adds the most popular items guests like to see.

NOTE:  Tier 1-3 only represent about 25% of what we offer.  You can always use the search bar or other pages of the website to find what you need.  If we don't have it.....contact us.....we will likely stock it for you.